Hayford Peak

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Hayford Peak Roads

Roughly 30 miles northwest of Las Vegas on Hwy 95, about 9 miles beyond the Hwy 157 junction, turn northeast onto a dirt road (waypoint HAYJCT) toward the Corn Creek Field Station of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. You'll know you you missed this turn if you reach Hwy 156, which is 3 miles north of the Corn Creek turnoff. A note from the DNWR website: "Persons wishing to visit the Hidden Forest Cabin are encouraged to contact the Desert National Wildlife Refuge at 702-879-6110 or stop by the Corn Creek Field Station prior to going up the mountain."

The dirt road to Corn Creek is wide and well graded. In just under 4 miles you will jog around a visitor center to reach a 'T' intersection with Alamo Road. Turn left (north) on Alamo Road (waypoint CORNCK). Passenger cars might want to park at the visitor center, because the road quickly becomes coarse gravel and very rough. While any vehicle can probably make it to the trailhead, smaller tires and lighter vehicles will really take a beating.

This is a very rough road, so you'll be driving slowly enough to see the clear signs for Cow Camp (waypoint ALACOW) and Hidden Forest (waypoint ALAHID). Turn right (east) on Hidden Forest Road, which is 19.3 miles from the pavement. Here the road gets even rougher and steeper (10mph in a Jeep) and while I wouldn't recommend taking a passenger car it might be possible if driven carefully.

The trailhead (waypoint HAY2WD) is a large gravel parking area at 5.8k where the road is closed with a sequence of several imposing steel pipe gates and barriers. It's a long, slow drive to this trailhead even in a SUV. Leave more time than you think you'll need. Camping isn't very pleasant at the trailhead, but you could walk a few feet past the gate for less dust and more quiet. There were lots of dogs and kids and day users in mid-April 2010.

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