Sierra Peaks Revision History

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The original version of this file was scanned and edited by Peter Maxwell from the official SPS Peaks List dated October 1992, proofing and further edits by Steve Eckert. Updates from the March 1999 SPS List and conversion to HTML/CGI from plain text by Steve Eckert. Tables have been re-formatted and several peak names have been corrected where the SPS list is in error, but this data should be in general agreement with the 247 peaks on the 18th Edition of the SPS Peaks List.

5 Apr 2020 switch to HTTPS for A2 hosting
30 Jul 2016 new Alta Pk elevation (Andrew Szeto) updated register needs (Harry Langenbacher)
17 Sep 2015 updated register needs from Harry Langenbacher
21 may 2013 added 4 peaks in Region 21, updated register needs from Harry Langenbacher
25 Oct 2012 updated register needs from Harry Langenbacher
30 Jul 2012 updated register needs from Harry Langenbacher
27 Jun 2012 updated register needs from Harry Langenbacher
18 Apr 2012 GPX file output, new layout, and interactive maps through
6 Apr 2011 updated register needs
9 Sep 2010 corrected Dragon location, updated register needs
21 Jul 2010 added White Mtn N near Sonora (Region 23), updated register needs
24 Jun 2010 added Slide Peak near Harrington and Kennedy (Region 11)
22 Sep 2009 added Ickes, Crater, Vennacher, Eagle Peak North
4 Aug 2009 major update of register needs from Langenbacher
12 Mar 2009 added column for climbing class in all-peaks listings (not just regions)
9 Sep 2008 updated register needs
8 Jul 2008 updated register needs
7 Jun 2008 added more peaks (Huntington Lake area)
2 Jun 2008 updated register needs
7 Mar 2008 fixed bad links in table headers
25 Jan 2008 internal and some formatting changes to allow DPS peaks list using same core software
14 Nov 2007 updated register needs and added Robinson Peak near Bridgeport (region 22)
16 Aug 2007 fixed Starlight location
19 Jun 2007 register conditions update
28 Jan 2007 reformatted pages including ability to view data in Google Maps, with lots of help and some prodding from Craig Stanton
27 Jan 2007 switch from interactive CGI script to generated static HTML files for better speed, lower server load
23 Aug 2006 register conditions update
2 Sep 2005 better clickable map, names instead of numbers for waypoints, revised table columns
5 Nov 2004 many new peak pics from Karpel database
8 Jun 2004 update on register needs - does Kern Point really need a new box?
11 Dec 2003 many new peak pics from Karpel database
10 Jul 2003 added alias to send email to SPS Mtn Records Chair
8 Jul 2003 complete update on register needs
26 Jun 2003 revised comments in this file based on input from the USGS (
5 Oct 2002 updates to registers and many new pictures in Karpel's database
17 Jul 2002 changed McAdie from Class 2 to Class 3, based on report from Mike Bigelow
28 Jun 2002 fixed Cockscomb(S) and Eichorn Pinnacle elevations, thanks to Bob Burd
4 Feb 2002 fixed SPS classification of Jacks Peak, spelling of Sharktooth, thanks to Dan Cervelli
28 Oct 2001 revised peak ratings as per new SPS Peaks List, 19th edition, Aug 2001
6 Sep 2001 added more peaks, made new column for links to all of Karpel's peak pictures, reformatted tables
25 Jul 2001 added Echo, peak names now link to main peak database (then on to pictures and other similar peaks)
27 Mar 2001 many new peaks added, from USGS and Karpel
11 Mar 2001 new file locations
28 Jun 2000 added regional maps with plotted waypoints
12 Jun 2000 added Clyde Spires and Picture, fixed Mt Powell (Pt John, Pt Wesley, Pt Powell)
8 Jun 2000 updated register needs database for Tina Bowman
5 May 2000 updated register needs database for Tina Bowman
30 Dec 1999 added links to online maps
17 Dec 1999 routes and waypoints shortened for Garmin GPS, common subroutines moved into modules
7 Dec 1999 added link to TOPO Trails
2 Dec 1999 can now SORT ON ANY COLUMN of data tables - elevation, name, etc
30 Nov 1999 add elevation to alphabetic table, highlight requested peak in region table
18 Nov 1999 updated register needs database for Tina Bowman
12 Nov 1999 added Feather Peak from Bob Day and Raymond Peak from Beren Erchamion
12 Nov 1999 added register needs to database for Tina Bowman
11 Nov 1999 added 6-digit abbreviated UTMs for all peaks
26 Oct 1999 added link to Richard Carey's file, more map sizes
21 Oct 1999 fixed typo on Mono Rock data, as per Richard Carey
9 Oct 1999 allowed scaling the clickable map on user screen
9 Oct 1999 re-alphabetized peaks like 'The Hermit' without leading 'The'
9 Oct 1999 fine tuned peak locations in TOPO!, added all peaks to waypoint list
9 Oct 1999 added UTM coordinates to lat/long waypoint listings
8 Oct 1999 fixed Netscape bug! (content-type)
7 Oct 1999 converted to CGI for better data integrity
30 Sep 1999 converted to HTML, massive re-formatting, addition of map
29 Sep 1999 revised ratings and elevations based on 18th Edition of SPS Peaks List
4 Mar 1999 revised list server and website info
29 Oct 1996 added new list server info
17 Oct 1995 added WWW reference for this file
16 Oct 1995 name change, added mention of email broadcast, etc
10 Oct 1995 LIST OF MAPS is now wrapped for fewer total lines in the file
9 Oct 1995 section header lines start with "++" for easier searching
9 Oct 1995 "xx" peaks are now listed in the PEAK INDEX in addition to the PEAK LIST
6 Oct 1995 initial release by Peter Maxwell and Steve Eckert

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