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(updated apr 2020 - please send additions/corrections to Steve Eckert)

Ah, the weather forecast: If you don't like what one says, try another!

Please help me with more/better links to wildfire info:
- Weather Underground's wildfire & smoke map vanished!

Or perhaps read these general info pages:
- D'Arcy Straub's Weather Hazards in the Colorado Front Range essay.
- Mary Gilbert's Thunderstorm Prediction essay.
- Plymouth State University Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique (descriptions).
- See also the Avalanche Links page and the CSAC avalanche center.

Here's how to get per-year charts of temp and precip for a specific location:
- go to a clickable map of the entire US
- click on a region, then click on the 'Recent SGX Temperatures' chart
- pull down the city selector to narrow your area of interest
- click on 'Yearly Charts' to display year-to-date temps and rainfall
- click on '2009 Graph' (etc) to back up or advance one year
- colored bands are shown for min/max/avg throughout the year
- here's an example: Palm Springs in 2009

National Weather Service (see more of NOAA below)
Enter a place name in the "Local Forecast" box, not the Search box, of the main page.
Pan/Zoom/Click on map to get detailed forecasts for non-named areas at specified elevations
(red box shows surprisingly small area for which the forecast applies).
For example, South Lake Tahoe 7-day forecast.
15-day forecasts and current conditions, but as of 2009 it's all about the ads and it's slow!
(used to be more accurate and more clear than others, may have to pay for that now) For example: precipitation radar for CA, 15-day or hour-by-hour forecast for South Lake Tahoe.

The Weather Underground, Inc.
Search by zipcode or place-name, get the latest info for any specific area.
Use 'history' link to get plots and statistics. Another nice feature is links to forecasts for other nearby places.
For example: Mammoth Lakes forecast, or South Lake Tahoe current conditions
Weather with lots of maps and popups, click on map for specific city forecast.

California Data Exchange Center, California Cooperative Snow Surveys weather forecasts, especially good for storms snowpack, reservoirs, and precipitation totals search for automated stations
This agency is responsible for responding to floods in California.
The Query pages (for automated stations) have a 'plot' link at the bottom which can graph temperatures, etc.

California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Road closures, downloadable maps, etc.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service (click map for local forecast and sattelite images), National Weather Service page covering the Sierra Nevada Weather
Search by zipcode or place-name, e.g. 'Lee Vining' and get the latest info for any specific area.

The Weather Channel
Used to have pages for places like Kings Canyon, now must enter city or zip code.
(and may have to allow popups and cookies before using click maps) Weather
Enter major city or zip code, get current conditions and 7-day forecast.
For Example:

Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies, Weather and Climate Data
Hemispheric forecast based on modeling - the REALLY BIG PICTURE. - by realtor Howard Sheckter
Maps, streaming audio, the Dweeb Report, graphs, all sorts of stuff from a local enthusiast.
Real-time weather and traffic cameras, from Sacramento to Tahoe.

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