Desert Peaks Revision History

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This data should be in general agreement with the 99 peaks on the 29th Edition (April 2003) of the DPS Peaks List. At least until I get busy adding non-list peaks to it!

The original version of this database was created in 2008 by Steve Eckert based on Gary Craig's version of the DPS list, used with his permission. In 2008, this file was based on the 2003 version of the DPS list, whereas the official' list on the DPS website was based on the 1991 list. I used the newer, better, data. Gary also had the full UTM coordinates for all the peaks, whereas the DPS had only 100-meter hints, and only for a few selected peaks. While keeping his coordinates, I introduced regional waypoint routes, I changed some of the waypoint names, and I switched 'Mt' to the end of the peak names so they would alphabetize properly (e.g. 'Mt Ajo' is listed under 'A' as 'Ajo Mt').

If any of Gary's links mentioned above stop working, please contact me. He authorized me to post mirror copies if needed but I'd rather just link to his websites.

5 Apr 2020 switch to HTTPS for A2 hosting
18 Apr 2012 GPX file output, new layout, and interactive maps through
3 Jul 2010 added Aqua (Region 4) and McFarland/Baker/King/Fitzgerald/Soldier (Region 6)
27 Apr 2010 added notes for NO LEGAL ACCESS to Maturango and Argus
7 Mar 2008 added notes for suspended or APPARENTLY suspended peaks (Maturango, Argus, Avawatz, East Ord, Kino)
6 Mar 2008 fixed bad links in table headers
25 Jan 2008 original creation using same core software as the Sierra Peaks database

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