Bear Box Revision History

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2 Aug 2022 Kearsarge Lakes box back in service, new location (Gary Lewis)
12 Sep 2021 upper Kearsarge comment added based on email from Steve Milam
5 Aug 2021 Pine Creek added based on email from 'Eric Schultz'
21 Sep 2020 M F Miller sent updates on boxes between Mineral King and Whitney Portal
15 Sep 2020 remove Waypoint+ format files, now link to static GPX only (to stop abuse of CGI script)
13 Aug 2020 Rob Brandt provided new box locations at Clover Meadow and Onion Springs/Lake Edison
7 Apr 2020 switch to HTTPS for A2 hosting, remove Gmap4 links after Google Maps withdrew access
29 Aug 2019 Bob Pickering says TC02 is missing
13 Feb 2018 added Crown Valley near Wishon and Courtright
4 Dec 2017 add Saddlebag Lake boxes
28 Jun 2015 Cliff Lake condition update, as per Sridhar
30 May 2014 Onion Valley has more boxes, Charlotte Lake location update
30 Apr 2013 Big Pine North Fork walkin campground box added, as per Brian
10 Jun 2012 Kearsarge Lakes updates from Alison Steiner, NPS Wilderness Coordinator
15 Apr 2012 GPX file output, new layout, and interactive maps through
25 Jul 2011 trail changes for TC04, as per Dan Anderson
24 Jun 2010 fixed CG01, the Frypan Meadow box, location
21 Jun 2008 new boxes in Mineral King region, renumbered existing boxes
25 May 2008 Removed TopoZone links, now charge a fee to view maps! (replaced with Google Maps, which now have topo data)
3 Dec 2007 Rae Lakes update from Steve Eckert
14 Nov 2007 Kern Canyon updates from Jeffrey Zimmerman
28 Jan 2007 reformatted pages including ability to view data in Google Maps, with lots of help and some prodding from Craig Stanton
27 Jan 2007 switch from interactive CGI script to generated static HTML files for better speed, lower server load
23 Jan 2007 new Tuolumne Backpackers box, GPS coords and descriptions from Kevin Freer, renumbered YE09-YE11
20 Jan 2007 added Google Earth compatibility - write KML files
22 Sep 2006 Curry Backpacker Campground GPS coords and descriptions from Kevin Freer
22 Sep 2006 BA and HS and KC - GPS coords and descriptions from Mark Sapiro
15 Aug 2006 add Agnew Meadows in Ansel Adams Wilderness, from George Barnes
1 Apr 2006 rename Minaret Wilderness (MW) to Ansel Adams Wilderness (AA)
28 Mar 2006 use restrictions on Rae Lakes boxes, from Peter Stephens
4 Jan 2006 fixed Reds Meadow and added north Lake Edison box, GPS coords from Robert Miller
25 Nov 2005 per-box maps in addition to regional maps, always show regional maps, rename CK to KA and add Onion Valley
27 Oct 2005 changed XX style, removed BB prefix from all waypoints, added Onion Valley, added per-box mini-maps
21 Sep 2005 added Horseshoe Meadow region
26 Aug 2005 entirely new click and region maps are higher resolution AND faster to download
24 Aug 2005 renamed and split regions, added Rock Creek North and finished Courtright Reservoir
4 Aug 2005 checked coords for box on Copper Creek / Tent Mdw
14 Oct 2004 the last unverified Woods Creek box - got GPS coords from Roy Holsinger
14 Oct 2004 new locations in Hockett Plateau near Mountain Home (Dillonwood and South Fork) from Steve Eckert
14 Sep 2004 new locations in Yosemite East from Steve Eckert
18 Jul 2004 major update of Cedar Grove and Woods Creek regions from Steve Eckert
7 Jul 2004 'grigsby' pointed out CG and CK data were swapped, maps were inconsistent with labels
3 Sep 2003 Sugarloaf updates, new Edison Lake and Courtright Reservoir regions from Steve Eckert
2 Sep 2003 Rock Creek update from Arturo Crespo, Yosemite cable notes from Kim Fishburn
6 Nov 2002 cleaned up Frypan and High Sierra Trail - all boxes now have GPS coords
9 Sep 2002 Yosemite split into 3 regions, renamed other regions, moved boxes between regions
9 Sep 2002 Yosemite updates from Steve Eckert, High Sierra Trail updates from Gary Craig
7 Aug 2002 Big Five Lake and Lost Canyon updates from Arturo Crespo and Anne Hartman
18 Jul 2002 field check updates for Kearsarge Lakes and Bubbs Creek, from Gary Craig
13 Jul 2002 lots of field check updates for Sugarloaf and Lodgepole, from Steve Eckert
2 Oct 2001 new Mineral King boxes, update Franklin Lake locations, from Steve Eckert
26 Sep 2001 note that Columbine Lake box has been removed, from Anne Hartman
24 Sep 2001 coords and description for Crabtree and Rock Creek, from Scott Sullivan
20 Sep 2001 add South Lake boxes, entirely new region, from Steve Eckert
30 Aug 2001 coords and description for Lower Soldier Lake, from Rick Booth
30 Aug 2001 correct NineMile Creek, Pinto Lake, and Hamilton Lake, from Paul Buehler
5 Aug 2001 add Big Pine Creek boxes, entirely new region, from Steve Eckert
5 Aug 2001 update Curry Village area boxes, from Steve Eckert
22 Jun 2001 update Pinto Lake box, from Paul Buehler
20 Jun 2001 major update after field checking all Hockett Plateau boxes, from Steve Eckert
17 Mar 2001 new file locations, show table and waypoint data on same page
10 Feb 2001 updated many descriptions from Michael Golden
10 Feb 2001 updated Sugarloaf/Comanche from Joe Leal
10 Feb 2001 updated Glen Aulin from Peter Labarba
21 Sep 2000 update all Hwy 120 boxes with real GPS coords and box counts, from Steve Eckert
14 Aug 2000 major updates to Woods Creek (Rae Lakes), including a new box, from Laura Civiello
14 Aug 2000 major updates to Tyndall/Crabtree, Kern Canyon, and Mineral King, from Kit Groves
14 Aug 2000 new boxes in Minaret Wilderness and Yosemite Park, from Cindy Miller
14 Aug 2000 GPS verification and improved text for boxes from Kearsarge to Forester Pass, from Steve Eckert
18 Jul 2000 added bear cable at Pate Valley, from Debbie Bulger
03 Jul 2000 added boxes at observed at Crescent Meadow, from Steve Eckert
25 Jun 2000 added clickable map of bear box regions
12 Jun 2000 updated several High Sierra Trail box descriptions, from Mark Connell
30 Dec 1999 added UTM coordinate display and links to online maps
17 Dec 1999 routes and waypoints shortened for Garmin GPS, common subroutines moved into modules
12 Dec 1999 Ranger Lake description updated with text and GPS coords from Bob Gross
07 Dec 1999 added links to TOPO! Trails
01 Dec 1999 added Glen Aulin bear cable, from Douglas Smith
30 Nov 1999 4x descriptions and GPS waypoints for Paradise Valley, from Scott Carpenter
29 Nov 1999 revised Shadow Lake cable info, from Alan Ritter
29 Nov 1999 put in guesses for ALL waypoints, including elevations, added notes to some
24 Nov 1999 put in elevations and better formatting for known waypoints
23 Nov 1999 switched from plain HTML to CGI script
20 Sep 1999 updated Seville Lake box description, from Hal Murray
20 Sep 1999 updated Monarch Lake box description and coords, from Steve Eckert
16 Sep 1999 Merced and Vogelsang descriptions and coords, from Kalon Kelley
15 Sep 1999 Ranger and Twin Lake box descriptions, from Hal Murray
15 Sep 1999 Bubbs and East Lake box waypoints, from Scott Sullivan
14 Sep 1999 Charlotte and Bubbs area boxes, from Dave Johnson and Scott Sullivan
14 Sep 1999 new Yosemite roadside boxes with GPS coords, from from Steve Eckert
11 Aug 1999 BBSR07-BBSR10 descriptions and GPS coords, from Steve Eckert
10 Jun 1999 BBBC01 description, from Tony Cruz
08 Mar 1999 added Shadow Lake cable, Minaret Wildernes category
03 Mar 1999 added text description of Sequoia boxes, split High Sierra from Lodgepole
12 Oct 1998 two Mineral King boxes
18 Aug 1998 links to regions
13 Aug 1998 Yosemite boxes
05 Aug 1998 initials and dates of field checkers
22 Jul 1998 initial numbering of boxes for field-checked GPS coordinates
1997 original release

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