Bear Box at Clover Creek South (SC01)

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Detail Map of waypoint SC01 in Silliman Crest:
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  1. SC01 is a standard box, at about 8400 feet, in the GPS route SILLIMAN CREST.

  2. Note: Clover Creek splits into a West and East fork just to the west of Cahoon Gap on the Twin Lakes / JO Pass / Silliman Pass Trail. The trail drops down to the East Fork of Clover Creek just north of Cahoon Gap, and the two Clover Creek bear boxes are about 0.2 miles apart on two branches of the East Fork.

  3. Directions from Steve Eckert, with GPS waypoint, June 2002:
    The southern box is about 100' north of the first major stream crossing north of Cahoon Gap (the southern branch of the east fork of Clover Creek), and about 30' northeast of the trail. Camping here is not very good, but there may be better water at this box (compared to Clover Creek North) late in the season.

  4. Directions from Hal Murray, Sep 1999:
    One box right on the trail, at the creek 1/4 mile or so south of the junction of the trail to Twin Lakes and the trail to JO Pass.

  5. Directions from Mineral King ranger info sheet, dated 1991:
    One box on the north side of the first crossing of Clover Creek by the Twin Lakes Trail.

  6. SC01 coordinates: (see GPX waypoint download links above)
      (lat,lon) = (36.6502900, -118.7371000) in decimal degrees, NAD83.
      (zone,east,north) = (11S, 344805.0, 4057290.0) in decimal meters, NAD27.

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