Bear Box at Hocket Meadow Trailhead (MK02)

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Detail Map of waypoint MK02 in Mineral King Area:
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  1. MK02 is a standard box, at about 6600 feet, in the GPS route MINERAL KING.

  2. Directions from Steve Eckert, with GPS waypoint, Oct 2001:
    One public box at the Hocket Meadow trailhead parking area just south of (and visible from) the Mineral King Road. This is the upper or eastern (unmarked) entrance to the Atwell Mill campground, roughly a tenth of a mile east of the marked entrance. Other boxes are for campsites, this one is for backcountry users.

  3. MK02 coordinates: (see GPX waypoint download links above)
      (lat,lon) = (36.4644500, -118.6670000) in decimal degrees, NAD83.
      (zone,east,north) = (11S, 350717.0, 4036559.0) in decimal meters, NAD27.

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Map exported from TOPO! software, used with permission.

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