Bear Box at Shadow Lake (AA01XX)

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Detail Map of waypoint AA01XX in Ansel Adams Wilderness (formerly Minaret Wilderness):
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  1. AA01XX is a steel cable, may not exist, at about 8800 feet, in the GPS route ANSEL ADAMS.

  2. Directions from Kit Groves, Jul 2002:
    On a hike through the Minaret Wilderness area in mid-July we found that there is no camping allowed around Shadow Lake and up the north side of the river and around Ediza Lake. I did not take the time to look for the cable because this changed our camping plans!

  3. Directions from Alan Ritter, with GPS waypoint, Nov 1999:
    We were on our way back down from Mt. Ritter, and decided to camp near/above Shadow Lake. As we came down (east) along the stretch of the Shadow Creek and John Muir Trail (where they run together for a mile or so), we got to the bridge where the JMT crosses Shadow Creek and takes off south, just above the inlet (west) end of Shadow Lake. We crossed the bridge, and to the left (east), there is a big granite hummock. Perhaps 100 yards south on the JMT, we walked up over the top of the hummock (off-trail) and found some flat spots with enough soil in them to make for nice tent spots, but still well up on the rock outcrop, above Shadow Lake. (The hummock is tall enough that you can see its contour on that bulge that sticks out into the west end of Shadow Lake.) From our campsite, we could see down toward Shadow Lake, and the cable was strung between two trees, down in the relatively flat area closer to the lake. Say looking southeast from the hummock. Although we didn't walk through that area, I would imagine there are use trails and well-trodden campsites around that end of Shadow Lake, since I often have seen people around there as we passed by on the way to Mt. Ritter. Might come in handy for someone hiking the JMT...

  4. AA01XX coordinates: (see GPX waypoint download links above)
      APPROXIMATE  (lat,lon) = (37.6931900, -119.1346300) in decimal degrees, NAD83.
      APPROXIMATE  (zone,east,north) = (11N, 311874.0, 4173720.0) in decimal meters, NAD27.

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