Common Sense Rules Here!
Please read this entire file! (updated mar 2009)

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Common Sense Rules

  1. No one can be charged a fee to join any forum or view any web file on this service. If you have been charged, contact to complain. No one can use anything posted on Climber.Org message board (web forum) or other web pages for profit, nor can they copy it to a place where profit is possible. Don't plagiarize!

  2. NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION! Assume your post will be archived on the web and generally visible to the public. You are personally liable for copyright violations based on your posts. We (the website operators) are like the phone company... no prior control of content, no liability. If you knowingly post copyrighted material without authorization and there are serious complaints, you may be banned.

  3. COMMERCIAL CONTENT IS SOMETIMES OK! If you know of a good climbing related website, if you know of a good guide service, if you see a good climbing movie or book, if you know of a store with a good gear sale, feel free to post ON THE APPROPRIATE FORUM. Don't post about South American websites on the Rockies forum, and don't treat any message board as free advertising to rake in the bucks. We're about sharing information, and some climbing-related stuff involves money, but forum moderators have the right to modify this general permission to post based on their experience. If you abuse it, you lose it.

  4. Deliberate false posts or off-topic posts may get you moderated or banned. Don't expect a lot of warnings, and don't expect to be reinstated. The forum moderators decide if you are beyond hope or if you have been rehabilitated, but will usually respond to public opinion. If you feel abused, contact us at

  5. Using a fake name or multiple names to avoid posting limits and/or forum topic restrictions on who can subscribe will get you removed permanently. No warnings are required. This does NOT include posting for someone else when they have asked you to, and mistakes by the forum moderators will be corrected by an apology on the list. If you feel abused, contact

  6. We don't give out any information about you beyond what is visible in your posts and your profile (the roster page and the web forum profile)! You must provide a working email address when you register, but that address is ONLY used to help administer your subscription. It will NEVER be released, at least not on purpose. We will never add subscription information to posts. If forum moderators or other officials violate this policy intentionally, contact and they will be removed.

  7. If you'd like us to put your picture and contact information and other stuff (like where you climb, mailing address, email, fax, your home page URL, where you climb, what kind of climbing you do, etc), send email to or fill out - you are free to supply as much or as little contact information as you want. Information about you that you consider personal or private shouldn't be sent to the roster. The intent of the roster is to publish data about users of You won't get in this roster just by registering or posting on a message board.

  8. Trip announcements and trip reports are very important! There are both message boards and dedicated web pages for these items. If you post an announcement or a report on one of the geographic area discussion forums, it MAY show up on the matching trips or reports page. You can make sure it does by CCing the tripmaster or sending email via Trip leaders should fill out or send contact info to so a link can be provided from their trip announcements.

  9. What is Climber.Org? It's a domain name registered by Steve Eckert and dedicated to the free exchange of information between peak climbers everywhere. Steve set up the first crude (homebrew BBS) version of such a service in 1993, the first climber's email list in 1994, and it's been growing slowly ever since. Aaron Schuman built a remarkably informative website with trip reports and links to useful resources. The Colorado Mountain Club is a resource-sharing supporter since 1998, helping broaden the subscriber base and the geographic area covered by our service. The American Alpine Club joined us in 1999. If you know of other groups that would like to join us, or if you want to contribute your own efforts and ideas, please send details to

(that's enough, don't you think?)