Readme File for Using the Master Spreadsheet with Embedded GPS Files

for the Book John Muir Trail: The Essential Guide to Hiking America's Most Famous Trail,

Elizabeth Wenk, Wilderness Press, 2014


Notes by Roleigh Martin, Lead Moderator, JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group

07/01/2017 4:50 PM


This page provides access to an Excel spreadsheet containing all waypoints and GPS files for the 5th edition of John Muir Trail:  The essential guide to hiking America's most famous trail, a 2014 Wilderness Press publication by Elizabeth Wenk who has provided Climber.Org permission to host a copy of the Master Spreadsheet originally compiled and hosted at the JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group by Elizabeth Wenk, Roleigh Martin (lead moderator) and John Ladd (co-moderator). 


Note #1:  In order to view the contents of the spreadsheet, you must have software installed capable of reading a Microsoft Excel workbook file. 

  • Microsoft provides free viewing software here for Windows computers.
  • Microsoft advises Macintosh users to go here for a free viewing software for Macintosh computers.
  • The Microsoft free app to view Excel files on the Ipad is here.
  • Android and iOS users (phones and tablets) can use free Kingsoft Office (aka WPS Office)
    but the tabs scroll across the top instead of at the bottom of the screen.
    (Looks like Mac, PC, and Linux users can run this instead of Excel also!)


    Note #2:  The downloadable file is an Excel Workbook containing four spreadsheet tabs.  Be sure and look at each spreadsheet --- see the tab names at the bottom left hand side of the default spreadsheet.  Some viewers are only seeing the introduction spreadsheet and thinking the whole file is nothing more than an advertisement.  It is not.  The entire file contains a wealth of GPS and waypoint information. 

    Click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet with embedded GPS files.
    You need to click on each tab at the bottom to navigate to the individual spreadsheets.

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