Correction to Secor

Triple Divide Peak

by John Wakabayashi

This comment or correction is a borderline call and some may disagree with me on this one. The East Ridge route is listed as class 2 if one stays south of the ridge top. I suspect this assessment might be largely from climbers looking at these slopes while traversing the class 3 ridge rather than those actually climbing these slopes. While it certainly looks like one can make an all class 2 route across these slabs and talus, I think one or two pitches of easy class 3 are unavoidable no matter how well you do the route. I climbed this route in July 2002 and I think that the final 10 to 15 feet up to the summit is easy class 3 no matter how you do it. I climbed also climbed another 10-foot easy class 3 pitch a bit lower down on the slope.
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