Correction to Secor, Mount Stanford (S)

by Steve Eckert
Steve and Karl stomped up the class 2 slopes of Gregorys Monument, the south summit of Mt. Stanford, after agreeing to meet the advance team below Forester pass by the next morning at the latest (full moon and all).

From the south summit, the route to the higher north summit does not really match either Roper or Secor: Roper says to stay "on the east side of the classic knife-edge ridge", which is fine advice for about 10 feet. Secor mentions the chockstone and suggests descending to a ledge on the east side, but forgets to mention that those two things don't happen next to each other! The ledge starts quite a ways north of the chockstone, and drops sharply downward before turning up again to bring you back to what becomes a true knife edge ridge where the climbing gets much easier.

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