Correction to Secor, Mt Silliman

by Adrian, Mark
Ron Karpel writes:
> Mount Silliman is protected by a formidable cliff on its 
> north and east sides.  There is only one way to get to 
> the top. It is a narrow couloir cutting through the cliff. 
> The couloir is visible only once you have reached top of 
> the saddle.  

I soloed Silliman from the east (your "formidable cliff" route) last summer. RJ Secor rates it class two, I think it goes high 3rd. That "narrow couloir" you mention had snow in it last summer and also about three weeks ago when I did the peak via Silliman Creek. So, I don't think it's an El Nino phenomena. So, there are at least two ways to the top that I know of, three counting your snow couloir and I'm sure there are technical routes. Getting down off the east "arete" without a rope, was one of my more memorable Sierra experiences.

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