Correction to Secor, Sawtooth Peak (N)

by Pat Ibbetson
Secor says to take the class two ridge from the pass, which I did. I wouldn't exactly call it class two. Most of the way I was able to walk on sand, avoiding any rock at all. There is absolutely no talus to speak of on Sawtooth Peak, at least on the west side. This "class 2" ridge was actually vertical, or worse, on the east side, and on the west a very narrow ribbon of sand runs along the crest. If you move 100 feet more to the east the slope quickly steepens, and soon drops off dramtically into the cliffs that rise above Monarch Lakes. Were it not for the sand, this ridge would be difficult class 3 at the least. Amazingly I walked unscathed through the towering blocks that were rising all around me, taking care to stay below the jagged blocks higher up the ridge, but above the cliffs below.

As the ridge from Sawtooth Pass approaches the summit it gradually becomes class 3. It is much easier to stay a ways down from the summit once you reach the south side of the peak and cross over to the east side. From the east side the summit is much easier.

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