Correction to Secor, Saddlehorn Ruskin Traverse

by Craig Clarence
This is a fun 4th class traverse on good rock. Saddlehorn is the impressive spike of rock seen to the west from Taboose Pass, and as we were camped directly beneath it we had to give it a try. Climbing Saddlehorn itself involved a few short pitches of solid 5.4ish rock on its east side. The ridge from there was all 4th class, as is curves around from Saddlehorn south to become the north ridge of Mt. Ruskin. We were forced off the ridge a few times to keep the route 4th class, but the climbing was straightforward and we simul-climbed most of it to the summit of Mt. Ruskin. Both summits took about 7 hours round trip from our camp by the headwaters of the Kings River beneath Saddlehorn.

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