Correction to Secor

Mt Rodgers

by John Wakabayashi

The east-southeast ridge, listed in Roper but not Secor, is mentioned in the former as being class 2 with a few spots of class 3. When I climbed it in 1987 I couldn't see anything resembling class 3 anywhere on this route or anywhere near this route. It is easy class 2 all the way up from the base in the North Fork San Joaquin drainage. One gets onto the ridge from the bowl and snowfield to the north of the ridge. This is probably the most convenient route for climbing Rodgers on a short trip, because you can easily reach this route from Davis Lakes. I recall in one of Steve Eckert's reports that he half jokingly wondered if the class 3 was buried beneath some snow when he climbed it. Having climbed it on Labor Day weekend following a dry winter I think it's safe to say that the class 3 isn't hiding under snow, either.
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