Correction to Secor, Mount Reinstein

by Craig Clarence
After walking up Goddard Canyon, we climbed Mt. Reinstein, which was easy class 2 from Martha Lake. Then the real fun began. David Harris, whose cross country ideas got more "creative" as he became delirious from insufficient calories, came up with a decent down the drainage south of Mt. Reinstein to the Middle Fork of the Kings River. Unknown territory, several thousand foot drop, at least 10 miles. I was powerless to resist.

This canyon is unnamed, but contains Goddard Creek. The first 6 miles or so are rough but OK, compared with what faced us below. The last 3 miles before the Kings River contained extremely heavy bushwacking, through chest high manzanita and thorn bushes, often forcing us to stumble down in the now raging creek. This route involves heavy losses of skin and morale, and I can't think of a good reason for any human being to be there.

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