Correction to Secor, Mount Powell

by Steve Eckert
The description of the Southwest Face route on Thompson includes mention of two chutes which lead to the "col" between Thompson and Powell. I'd call this a saddle, not a col, and there are actually THREE chutes. The right-most chute is the Northeast Chute route described for Powell, the middle chute is the correct way over the saddle, and the very broad left chute leads to 300' cliffs. It might be possible to climb from this saddle to the middle chute as class 3-4, but it's not an obvious option.

The Southeast Chute route starts from "the cirque south of the saddle between Mt Thompson and Mt Powell", but if you are coming from Sunset Lake there is no need to drop to the cirque. From the middle chute mentioned above, there is a sandy ledge that takes you from the T/P saddle to the SE chute of Powell dropping only 50 or 100 feet along the way.

The high point is said to be the northeast point in the book, and indeed we found a summit register had been dropped down a crack there. Tom Sexton informs me that the OTHER summit (southwest) is marked as the summit on the 7.5 min maps, and that Bob Rockwell confirmed with the USGS that the SW summit is the correct one. Perhaps the named summit is not the high point? This deserves further research.

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