Correction to Secor

North Glacier Pass

by John Wilkinson

Secor describes North Glacier Pass as follows:

"Class 2. This pass leads from Thousand Island Lake to Lake Catherine. ... Circle Lake Catherine on its north and west shores and descend to the North Fork of the San Joaquin River by keeping on the north bank of the stream that drains Ritter Lakes."

This is confusing and misleading. The pass as far as Lake Catherine is certainly class 2, and one might want to use the pass to get to the Ritter Lakes for the class 2 route on Mt. Ritter. The descent to the San Joaquin, however is decidedly class 3, and I don't think just keeping on the north bank of the stream is a reliable rule. I would substitute something like

The descent to the San Joaquin requires negotiating a number of dropoffs by means of class 3 cracks and ledges. Careful route-finding is called for.

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