Correction to Secor, Mount Muir

by Jim Ramaker
After a rest, I turned to the day's next challenge -- Mt. Muir (14,015), about 1 1/2 miles down the trail. The summit is only 200 feet above the trail, and finding it is the first problem -- Secor recommends taking a compass bearing to locate it among a bunch of other pinnacles and rock piles. A simpler way is to hike down for 30 minutes or so and look for a 200-foot high peak to the left of the trail and a 10-foot high pinnacle to the right.

The first 150 feet of the climb is just scree, but don't underestimate this peak. The last 50 feet is tricky and exposed, with a death fall possible as you move across a high downsloping ledge. Secor's description is helpful -- the other descriptions I looked at including "California 14'ers" are worthless.

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