Correction to Secor, McMurray Meadow Road (Split Mountain)

by Charles Schafer
The seven of us met at the point where McMurray Meadow Road meets Glacier Lodge Road, and transferred everyone into two 4-wheel drive vehicles for the trip in to the trailhead. We expected some route-finding difficulty and were not disappointed. We'd just passed McMurray Meadow when we crossed the two fords mentioned by Secor, then continued on what looked like the main road. However, there looked to be another road off to the left which was not mentioned. Things deteriorated from here as the road continued south, then east, then into what looked like a sandtrap. Another road (actually more of a pretend road) had been spotted just before we came onto the sandtrap, so we backtracked to it (actually we double-backtracked since we missed it the first time back). This whisper of a path disappeared pretty quickly, so we continued back to the two fords and followed the other road, which turned out to be the right one. From here, the route description helped a little (we saw the two road signs mentioned), but at one point Secor talks of turning here, then turning there, when all we did was follow the main road. That part was not too hard. Finally, after two hours, we reached the trailhead.

We quickly set to the trail, which really isn't hard to find if you know where to look (or read the big sign on the board at the trailhead) and ignore the maps which are in error.

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