Correction to Secor, Mt McAdie

by Steve Eckert
It appears to me that there is a second class chute from Crabtree Pass all the way to the 2nd class ledges after the notch in Secor's standard 3rd class route. I looked up the chute from the bottom, and down the chute from the top, but didn't do it. If it actually connects with no cliffs, McAdie should be downgraded from 3rd class to 2nd class in the SPS Peaks List. It's certainly the long way around, but I've never seen mention of a 2nd class route before.

John Bees adds:

Back in 1987 or so I solo climbed the east side route up McAdie and descended the west side chute down to Crabtree pass. Other than the interesting route up McAdie's North summit, I don't remember anything challenging descending that chute to the pass so I would agree that it should be rated class 2 although it doesn't look that easy.

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