Correction to Secor

Mount Maclure

by John Wakabayashi

In September 1975, my father, Joe Wakabayashi, and I climbed what may be the easiest route on Mt. Maclure. It is entirely class 2. From the Lyell-Maclure saddle climb the ridge toward Mt. Maclure partway, then traverse across the northeast face on a talus-covered class 2 bench to class 2 rock on the northern side of the face. Scramble over class 2 talus to the top. The nearly horizontal bench system is easily seen from the summit of Mt. Lyell.

As an additional note, I would agree with at an SPS online report I read that the descent from Mt. Lyell directly to the Lyell-Maclure saddle can be rather difficult. The report I read called it class 4. I would consider it high 3rd class. The exposure is not huge, but there is the possibility of falling up to 50 feet or so. The descent involves descending over some large blocks and some care is required to deal with several of the larger steps.

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