Correction to Secor, Lone Pine Peak

by Steve Eckert
Back at the base of LeConte by mid-afternoon ... I glissaded down to break camp and move my pack to the base of the second class crud route up Lone Pine. It was about 5pm when I started up 2000' of loose scree, but I got up and down with just enough time to get back onto the trail at 8:15pm (before dark) somewhere around 11000'. Secor says the chute starts at Meysan Lake. Nope. Roper is correct in describing the location of the chute as midway between the Meysan lakes (hundreds of feet elevation below Meysan Lake proper, with cliffs and boulders preventing a traverse). After grunting up this messy route, I'd agree with Harris and Clarence (report broadcast earlier) that 4th or 5th class is the way to go on this peak! Especially near sunset, the view of "Comb Ridge" (including LeConte and Corcoran) is the best reason to climb this peak unless you climb it for the route alone.

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