Correction to Secor, Lone Pine Peak, North Ridge route

by Matthew Gelber
Guidebook recommends bypassing the final headwall by traversing right on a class 3 ledge, crossing a loose gully, and going up a class 3 buttress above. Perhaps the condition of the gully has worsened since Secor did it; at any rate crossing it is now a suicidal undertaking. Having [barely] survived the crossing recently I would heartily recommend going any way other than this. Tackling the headwall directly looks easy class five for 3 or 4 pitches.

On the other hand, if you try to cross the gully and live through it, you'll have beautiful memories: first, the gully shifting under your feet; then, the whole thing moving; you sprinting up and making no progress as the gully unloads over the edge -- which is just under your feet; blocks passing by first under your hands and chest and knees and then under your feet and then into the void; the smell of sulfur and roar of crashing rocks.

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