Correction to Secor, Williamson via George Creek

by Rich Calliger
Start and remain on the north side of George Creek for less than 15-20 minutes from the trail head and a relative gain of about 200 feet of altitude. Then cross over to the South side on any one of several easy log and boulder crossings. At this point the creek is only 3-4 feet wide during light snow years and very easy to cross. Stay there for 99% of the trip up the drainage- then go to the big boulder on the south side- moderate to climb on the way up and easy to rappel or climb down on the return trip. (50 feet of 7mm rope is all that is needed to lower packs and do a safety belay).

After that there is one more stream crossing to get around a large cliff face about 3/4 miles upstream from the "boulder". Cross back immediately and remain on the high trail on the south side all the way to approximately 8800 feet. Then cross the stream one more time on the way to the obvious 1/4 mile wide bench at 9300 feet just below the s-shaped avalache fall starting at 9900 feet. During the first 3 miles up the drainage if there is any doubt as to the location of the trail err on the side of "staying higher just above the brush on the south side" as the deciding route finding algorithm. (It is still one of the more challenging and interesting routes in the Sierra.).

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