Correction to Secor, East Vidette

by Steve Eckert
Camp was just east of East Vidette along the JMT.

Suzanne had found a log jam across the creek at just the right place to climb slabs to the bowl south east of East Vidette, so Karl and I headed out of camp around 6am to climb it. A nice easy finish to a pretty hard trip. Roper forgets to mention the scree chutes that Secor notes, so he calls it class 3. Secor, on the other hand, seems to imply that the chute goes all the way to the top (which it does not). You can loop around onto the north face for the last few feet and pretend it's a class 2 climb without too much of a stretch, but we stayed on the solid rock for the ascent. If you go straight up from the chute, you're on class 4 getting to the peak from where you hit the ridge.

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