Correction to Secor, Cox Col

by Peter Maxwell
We had wonderful, easy, sandy slopes to walk down from the col, at least at first. Secor's description was rather vague, about having to turn right (to the northwest) before turning left (to the southwest) to descend to [Lake Italy]. The temptation is to go southwest too soon, to avoid going "too far out of the way", and we ended up going down some steep, slippery sections that would have been better avoided. It's better to stay in northwest direction longer, heading into the upper portions of the bowl around Gabb, Abbott and Dade, then descending the much easier slopes from there.

Looking back towards the col one is truly able to appreciate Secor's statement about it being the only reasonable crossing of the Sierra crest in that area. The gentle sandy slopes leading up to the col were all the more remarkable considering the almost vertical walls leading up to Dade, Abbott and Mills.

On August 25, 2000, Gary Davidson added:

I want to agree with the comments posted, but would like to add a warning. To most backpackers, the first 150 ft or so of the descent on the east side would be 3rd class, not second. Hands must be used for downclimbing, not maintaining balance (that is my understanding of the difference between 3rd and 2nd class).

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