Correction to Secor

Copper Mine Pass

by Phil Martz

My brother and I backpacked from Sequoia to the Kaweah Basin last year. We took the old Copper Mine Pass between Deadman and Cloud Canyons. Secor identifies a pass, Copper Mine Pass, as on the ridge north of Peak 12,345 and notes that the crossing may be easy to difficult depending on ice. Having observed this pass from the west (it looks difficult), we decided to take the old Copper Mine pass which begins at the ridge just south of the old copper mine, follows the ridge east on a use trail to Peak 12,345, then continues east on the ridge a short distance before dropping into Cloud Canyon. This turns out to be an easy pass.

However, coming from the east this very same route/pass is difficult to find. On our return from Kaweah Basin, much to our chagrin, we could not find the trail, and spent a couple of hours traversing steeply sloping talus. See the Copper Mine Pass Map. If first crossing the pass from west to east take careful note of where and how you will find the use trail when you return from east to west.

I have produced a table of most of the off-trail High Sierra Passes. The table can be accessed from . Also I am continuing to work on a waypoint file (*.tpg) for use with TOPO! maps. This can be downloaded and opened in TOPO! for locations of passes. Any questions or comments please send email to me at

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