Correction to Secor, Clarence King to Cotter Traverse

by Craig Clarence
After an uneventful climb of the South Face of CK, we decided to try the traverse south along the ridge to Mt. Cotter. This ridge looks very dramatic from 60 Lakes Basin, with several deep notches, but we had the rest of the afternoon and though it might go. By staying on or near the ridge, we managed to summit both the N and S summits of Mt. Cotter. The climbing was 90% 3/4th class, never got above the 5.3ish range, but was hideously exposed the whole way. It also involved 2 short rappels to get around the 2 largest notches on the ridge. We were back in camp by 4pm, after starting that morning at 6:30am.

This traverse was extremely fun, quick, and the rock was good. It also avoids the class 2 scree-fest of the easy route on the south side of Mt. Cotter. The traverse and summit marked another of a remarkable string of climbs done by Hiep Nguyen (he had walked in to climb with us for the weekend), who climbs only in Teva sandals and in most cases refuses to use a rope for climbing or rapelling. You have to see it to believe it.

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