Correction to Secor, Mt Clarence King

When climbing Clarence King in August of 1997, I discovered a route up the last section before the summit block that is in addition to the 2 routes covered in Secor. I call the route the Washboard Variation.

Work up the south face, climbing up and around large blocks for about 100', until it steepens significantly just below the summit. To the right of the face is a moderately angled slab whose right edge leads to the jam crack described in Secor. Work up the left edge of this slab until you can move onto a small block to your left. Climb onto the block and move left to the base of the washboard. Move up over several lumps of the washboard until you can step up to your right onto the first of several blocks. Traverse on a diagonal over progressively higher blocks until you reach the rapel point, which makes an excellent belay stance. The crux is one 4th or easy 5th class move at the beginning of the diagonal traverse, while the rest is class 3 / easy class 4.

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