Correction to Secor

Charlotte Dome

by Rick Fairall

I'm convinced that the route "line" drawn for the Classic South Face on Charlotte Dome (picture, P.160) is in the wrong place. Roper says it starts in the "huge bowl." Secor shows it going up and to the right from a smallish bowl. We were in the exact place indicated, and attempting to put a line up where indicated seems to land one on a 5.9+ runout face; There are assuredly no class 4 routes whatsoever from that location. Incidentally, directly up the big cracks in that recess is 5.8.

I think the line shown for "Charlotte's Web" is closer to the actual Classic South Face. However, just to dash any remaining credibility, we joined the multitudes who have failed to find the correct route. Also, I'm not encouraged by the lack of any other reports of this not being the correct route.

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