Correction to Secor, Mt Chamberlin

by Steve Eckert
Secor says the pass between Chamberlin and Newcomb is class 2 from the north. Maybe. I don't think so. The low point between these peaks is in the middle of a high 3rd class ridge with cliffs on both sides, and NEITHER peak can be reached on 2nd class from that low point. We chose a route east of the low point which was mostly a snow chute but turned into 3rd class near the top. On the way down we found a truly 2nd class chute which can be approached the same way but which goes up to the east and tops out at the SW corner of Newcomb's summit plateau. There is a 2nd class traverse to Chamberlin from here if you drop 500' below the cliffy ridgeline on the south side. We made better time down on the sand (going east) than we did up on the ridgeline (going west) but it's less interesting.

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